When buying a boat in Jacksonville, Florida

Whether you decided to buy or sell a boat there is no doubt Florida presents a center of the boating world. When talking about buying a boat there is no better market if you need bigger variety of boat offer. No matter you are into sport fishing boat, family deck boat or some mega yacht Florida’s got it all. Unfortunately, all this impressive offer doesn’t stop people to often buy the wrong boat and spend a fortune on buying boats that disappoint them. Do not worry, there are some simple but useful tricks and advice that will help anybody finding their dream boat.

Best time to buy a boat

There is no better time when visiting a boat show. The offer of the motives and discounts is amazing and it can’t be find in some other time of the year. Even if you are not visiting boat shows very often you will still find a good deal but remember inventory of popular brands and models could be limited.

Manufacturers and warranties

It is very important to be careful about understanding how the warranty will work in real-life situation. There are unfortunately very often those sneaky clauses in the warranties you should be paying attention. Reputable manufactures including a service focused dealership with proven integrity is always a good choice and best way to find this is a personal conversation with these representatives.

Production time

When you make your decision and realize the purchase there is a time around 60 to 90 days that will take for its production. There is even a longer time of waiting with some manufacturers because of really tight production schedules. If it is possible, be a little tricky and tell a dealer to deliver boat earliest as possible, this is the best way you don’t miss your boat season. So for example, if you want to get your boat on spring it is best to do all the work about purchasing and delivering during the winter.

New or used boat

There is no doubt when buying a used boat that it will be less expensive. Also there is a fact you may buy a bigger and older boat for the same money you spend while buying a new and smaller one. Of course, the same as buying a car, it is always bad deal if you buy the used boat that old owner has abused pretty bad. This is a moment you have a solution to ask a surveyor for help. This guy will really help by getting you a proper evaluation about the boat and its total condition. There is even The National Association of Marine Surveyors that will provide expert regarding the type of boat and state where you want to buy it.

If after all this you end up with a boat that isn’t really what you wanted and you realize it after few years, do not worry, there is always a solution to visit again some great boat show like in Jacksonville, Florida, sell it and start the new search for your dream boat.

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